You were meant to keep going

on July 13, 2023

It’s going good—you’re feeling good! You’re grateful! You feel God’s favor on you! You see His provision! You’re so glad you chose this path! This is good!—and then it happens.
A fork in the road you weren’t expecting.
The unplanned part of your journey that makes you stop and wonder, “Did He know about this part, too?”
You feel your fear a little bit and hangout with the parasite of anxiety who attaches itself to anything it can get its hands on, and all the sudden, you’re doubting the opportunity you were praising + grateful for before!

But this is what you have ALREADY been told—the opposition? The specifics may surprise you but the existence of it should not.
He promised you, and all of His children, that the narrow path of righteousness is not void of discomfort or difficulty. Rather, it is often paved by it, knowing that the cultivation of strength needed to sustain it requires full surrender to the Spirit inside of you and THAT is the actual goal.
Not how quickly you finish or what you achieve while on it, but that you stayed with Him.
That you trusted that the opposition was still His favor, still His provision, still His kindness, and still His mercy over you.

What is this for you?
Maybe the hard part of the relationship you yearned for that feels not so romantic anymore?
Maybe the grit or closed doors behind the dream you swore was worth going after and now you’re not so sure?
Maybe the wild, tumultuous roots of personal healing that feel impossible to untangle + be restored?

Know this: THIS was part of it.
You were meant to keep going.
Fully equipped for the parts you couldn’t predict because the Perfect Father can see what you cannot.

Opposition often means it’s the healthiest ground to take 💪🏻

Read: John 16:33; Hebrews 6; James 5:11

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