You will endure this part of the race

on January 30, 2024

The part where you want to tap out,
The part where you feel like you’ve exhausted all of your resources, tapped into all of your extra supply, and have hardly anything left to give,
The part where you’re still on the same road navigating the same struggle that you thought would be long gone,
The part where you’re having to clean up the blood that was spilt on you because someone close to you refuses to get healing,
The part where you’re searching for some kind of reprieve because certainly a loving God wouldn’t let you remain the wilderness when He could pluck you out of it,
The part where you just want to stop it all. It feels easier to quit because holding on requires you to summon up grit and perseverance and strength you just don’t think you have.

But this part? Oh, this is the good part.
This is the part where your humanity makes you so aware of your need for divinity and Heaven must come to earth. This is the gap for the miracle, the place where the waters must part—this is where dependence becomes your only mode of operation and because of that? Worship becomes your lifestyle. Surrender becomes your song. Obedience becomes your lifeline. Hope becomes your power source, joy becomes your fuel, supernatural strength becomes your mode of operation, and peace becomes your cadence.

Don’t let your heightened emotions or your weary flesh convince you that this part will take you out, strip you of your gifting, reduce the need for your presence, or diminish your light. Oh no—THIS part? It’s refining it, chiseling it, preparing it, revealing it, healing it, purifying it, and solidifying it.

This part? It’s the part you will look back on and say, “It was the time when I knew that I knew that I knew—only God.”

God will sustain you.
The Holy Spirit is strong inside of you.
Grace pours over you.
Endurance will find you.
And His kindness will soon reveal that this part was actually what you were praying for packaged in a way you’d never expect 🤍

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