Your armor—it's made to suit you

on October 19, 2023

Full-blown meltdown. SO many tears. They felt foreign + stiff. Unfamiliar. Sterile to the touch + confusing as to why they were necessary.
I could hear his daddy telling him about how much they would help him.
“Sledge, these look a little weird but I promise you buddy, they were custom fit for YOU. They’ll help you walk! And run! And play! They may feel strange now but they’ll feel like yours in no time.”

Ah. How true it was! Sledge ate breakfast a few mornings as Will sat them on the counter + just let him see them…it’s like you could hear him thinking, “maybe those are made for me?”
Sure enough, he became less nervous to put them on + as soon as he spent a little time in them, he was begging to wear them!
He could FEEL the difference; his strength was greater, his balance heightened, + his ability to move as he hoped was increased.
The hard parts of the structure that felt foreign before now felt like friendly walls to sustain his weight.

As I watch him receive the help + take steps with each passing day, I can hear the Heavenly Father so clearly whispering to me, “Cleere…this is like my armor for you…sometimes it feels harsh or scary or new in different situations but you must apply it…then you will see that it’s custom made for you. Every detail considered.”

Whether it’s in work circumstances, relational struggles, personal strongholds, or just general refinement, it is a daily task + necessity to apply the armor you’ve been given.
And like Sledge, we will have shaky moments and transitions where we go, “ohhhhh no, oh no, woah woah, feeling a little anxious on this step” + THEN— the shield kicks up, the sandals of peace come through, or the belt of truth restores our core strength—but the only way to trust it is to walk. To run. To operate. To LIVE + be brave as we do.

Wherever He asks you to walk today, I hope you remember that your braces are tailor made for you. Your armor—it’s made to suit your baseline, your weaknesses, your strengths, your frame, your purpose, etc.
Strength is discovered as you move, courage is built as you fall + get back up, + trust is cultivated as you learn that the Great Physician does perfect measurements🫶🏻


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