Your faithfulness—it is as sure as the sunrise

on May 13, 2024


Another Monday, another M I R A C L E 💫
Another fresh week is on the horizon and with it, a million possibilities—a million chances to see the God of all move and mend and make miracles happen from the most mundane of circumstances.
Another clean slate to welcome the mercy of God as it redeems our canvas and creates fresh ground that is ripe for harvest.

Jesus, thank You!!!
Thank You for this place—right where I am—it is good ground because You say it is. You have cleared the brush and opened my eyes and set my feet on solid ground—the power of the Holy Spirit encompasses this place and new strength sustains me here.
Thank You for equipping me and training my hands for battle: not only have You given me all that I need to walk in victory, but You have provided all that I need to experience JOY along the way!!! Deep, lasting, abiding joy—it is from the inside, out.

Help me embrace change with flexibility and faith.
The assurance of Your presence is the source of my agility + trust. Because You are in control, I can bend and recalibrate and readjust because You are my steady.
It is my willingness and availability to Your plans that pleases You and helps me grow.

“Remain in Me and you will bear fruit”, You remind me. Thank You. That’s what I long for, Jesus—a life that is fruitful because it is faithful, not because it is fancy or famous or because it has things figured out.
Surrender. Abide. Trust. Flourish—that is what I long to do, the pattern of my peace always begins with laying it all at You feet and tucking myself close to You.

The process of life is often confusing and complex but You give me patience and peace amidst it. Everything good requires process and everyone is in process—living with this expectation is protection and wisdom. Deep roots is what I long for so I commit to the process over and over again, even when my flesh wants the result. My soul longs for the reward of Your presence—that’s the gift!

Lead me, Jesus. Let eternity guide my every move. May I have the pace and the perspective and the power that lets the world know I have been with You.
What a life that would be 🌟

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