Your handprints cover the earth

on October 09, 2023

Another Monday, another M I R A C L E 🌟
Another chance to link up with the Creator of the Heavens and the earth as He moves and maneuvers and makes miracles happen all around us!
Another fresh beginning to truly receive His mercy, welcome His kindness, and live out of a state of overflow.

Jesus, thank You!!!
Thank You for the words that You speak over me, the life that You breathe into me, the hope that infuse into the depths of my soul, and the love that You intertwine into every fabric of my being.
I feel You all around!
I see You!
Your fingerprints get me so excited for the work that You’re doing…and to think, I only know a glimpse!

Guide me today. Help me keep choosing paths of righteousness even when they’re laced with difficulty or nonconformity.
I don’t want anything You don’t give me.
Your presence is life, Your wisdom is gold, and Your gentleness is the fire that keeps me warm.

Thank You for giving me anything I need today.
Love—ALL of it resides in You.
You are the vine. I am the branch. Interconnected, interwoven, completely wrapped up in the One who breathes life into all things. Without You, I fail. With You, I thrive.
Help me receive so that I can radiate outward. Nourish me so that I can glorify Your name in all that I do, say, + give.

A heart planted in contentment because it KNOWS it’s helper + it’s healer.
It’s holder—the keeper of safety, knower of all, + provider of every morsel of goodness there is to experience.
It’s everything!

Grace on grace on grace on grace.
It’s the good news that is too good to be true but is the truest thing I know 🤍

Mondays with You, Jesus—they are anything but mundane 🌟

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