Your lack in not a limitation

on January 23, 2024

I am unsure why we do it—this constant tendency to try to enter a situation, handle a conflict, or operate in our daily lives withOUT the need for divine intervention.
It’s like we want so badly to have all that we need so we don’t have to need Him? Is that it? Have we confused our own mind with what impresses the world and what pleases the Father? Independence has never been the desire for the life-giving vine; abiding and surrender has always been His love language. His hope. His prayer for His people. And it’s always been the only way that we discover something—anything—worth holding or stewarding, and certainly anything worth living for.

When you survey the day ahead of you, where do you worry that you’ll run out? When you imagine what is to come, where do you feel like you might fall short?
In your marriage?
As a parent?
With your job?
Amidst your friendships?
As you fight strongholds?
Could it be that in all these spaces you see shortcomings, God sees surplus through the power of the Holy Spirit?
Are you willing to look foolish to the world so that you can experience the abundance of God?
Will you walk forward knowing your lack so that the deliverer can show up and provide leftovers?

God doesn’t need a more cleaned up, more polished, more impressive version of you in order for you to go where He’s calling you; He needs a more surrendered you—a you who grasps tighter to His goodness than any goodness you could conjure up on your own.

I was looking out at the sunrise this morning and imagining the moment when I see Jesus face to face. What will He say? What will I say? Surely my words will be impossible to find because I will be looking at glory—every promise holding true that He is exactly who He says He is—and there?
I believe I will be most grateful for my awareness of my lack because I l trusted Him to shine through me.
The moments in which the Potter is most pleased with His creation is when the clay falls into His hands and says, “Only You know the way.”

Dare I say that it is your vulnerability amidst your weakness that makes you malleable to be used by Jesus.
Praise God for it.

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