Your presence is everywhere and Your truth is timeless

on May 06, 2024


Another Monday, another M I R A C L E šŸ’«
Another fresh beginning to witness His kindness in everything formed around usā€”our eyes wide open to the truth that grace is the gift we could never earn and it is lavished in every space we enter and operate.
Another chance to let love lead usā€”even when itā€™s hard, even when it hurts, even when itā€™s heavy, even when hope feels distantā€”even then, the love of God is trustworthy + sure.

Jesus, thank You!!!!!!!!!
Thank You.
This week before me is important and full of new possibilitiesā€”will You instruct me on how to live with my hands wide open? I want to go where You lead and delegate my time in a way that pleases You. Iā€™m so thankful for the way You speak specifically, show up intimately, and satisfy so fully.
In a world full of voices, show me how to silence all others and simply hear You. Magnify what is good and give me the courage to choose it. When my heart confuses distraction with assignment, call me out and help me course correct. When my soul gets lost in the rat race of ā€œmore, more, more,ā€ help me simplify. Clear the clutter away and remind me of what is lasting and true. My spirit craves significance and that sacred spaceā€”and only You can offer that.
Thank You for being so patient with my hurried mentality and my short-tempered spiritā€¦I am learning that immediate gratification is not actually what I wantā€¦I yearn for the hard-fought, everlasting, fireproof endurance that is built through the beauty of PROCESS.

Jesus, sometimes life just feels like so muchā€¦would You help me? Show me how I can simplify in any way so that my mind, body, soul, and heart are focused on You.
Life is a vapor. You are forever.

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