Epidsode 42: Radiate in your relationships + marriage—Interview with Sean & Lanette Reed

on July 12, 2021

There is nothing more important to our Heavenly Father and the Kingdom of Heaven than relationships. They are the core of every good thing and the very reason we are here, right? So, if we are talking about how to radiate the heart of our Father, this is crucial.

In this episode, Cleere sits down with the marriage, family, and relationship experts, Sean and Lanette Reed, of OpenDoor Church. After authoring several books, creating content that is seen worldwide and speaking at thousands of marriage conferences, these two offer a wealth of wisdom and a willingness to be vulnerable about this topic. You're in for such a treat!

Find out more about Sean and Lanette:
On their website
Check out their YouTube Channel—Life with Sean and Lanette
Follow @seanandlanette on Instagram
Purchase their book, Marriage in Transition, on Amazon!

The NEW devotional book, "Radiate: 90 Devotions to Reflect the Heart of Jesus" is now available for pre-order on Amazon!

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