Episode 18: Life or Death—you choose

on January 04, 2021

Sounds dramatic to say that we are the ones who decide whether we walk in life or death but Scripture tells us time and time again—we get to choose: Will we experience life and trust God or will we invite death by reaching for control? In our daily actions, reactions, and everyday happenings, we are constantly deciding whether we invite life or death. It is easy to see how big, significant decisions are important but we fail to remember that these big decisions are often made through the foundation of a million little decisions. Who are we on a consistent basis? As we tap into this discussion, we study about the beginning story of Adam and Eve and what we can learn from the decisions that they made. Going into 2021, there is so much freedom and possibility. Let’s choose to look for, lean into, and trust the leadership of God.

Follow along with the devotional for this podcast, "Focus: How One Word a Week will transform your life". You can find it here on the website or on Amazon Prime.

Monday Prayer found on @cleerelystated Instagram

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