Episode 23: Don't Wait to Arrive

on February 01, 2021

We all have this gap between our actual selves and our ideal selves—the gap that we work, strive, and exhaust ourselves trying to close on our own. We tend to fall prey to the lies that if we had more _____, we would experience fulfillment. When we arrive on the mountaintop, THEN we will partner with God and get courageous about where He is calling us, right?!

However, we see it in Scripture and all throughout our lives that God isn't interested in the person that we wish that we were; He is interested in our actual, real, authentic, broken, imperfect but made-by-Him selves. That is some GOOD NEWS.

Don't wait to arrive! Now, here, in this moment—it's time to begin.

Follow along with the devotional for this podcast, "Focus: How One Word a Week will transform your life". You can find it here on the website or on Amazon Prime.

Monday Prayer found on @cleerelystated Instagram

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