Episode 35: Hope in restoration

on May 03, 2021

We all want the pretty house and the completed projects—it feels good, looks impressive, and helps us feel good about our current state of affairs. However, our Heavenly Father is so not worried about how things appear—His concern is the state of our hearts. How are we really doing? Is there an issue, struggle, relationship, or thought pattern that we need restoration in but we are fearful to admit to ourselves, others, or Him?

He is the King of restoration and His type of restoration is not just repairing something to be functional or improving it's condition back to it's original form; He restores beyond recognition. His lavished grace, undeserved kindness, and rich mercy meet us in our mess and transform our minds, hearts, and lives beyond our comprehension.

Let's not wait...let's allow for the deep work and trust that He really can bring life back into anything. Our hope? Oh it is here and it is rich because our Savior will settle for nothing less.

Follow along with the devotional for this podcast, "Focus: How One Word a Week will transform your life". You can find it here on the website or on Amazon Prime.

Monday Prayer found on @cleerelystated Instagram

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