Episode 47: When your normal gets hijacked

on February 14, 2022

For all of us lately, "normal" has felt a thing of the past. With the constant uncertainty looming and life's ever-changing tides, how do we maintain our peace? Our hope? Our joy? Our faith?

In this episode, Cleere will talk about how her family's normal was hijacked when their son, Sledge, was born at 26 weeks old in July (hence the gap between this episode and the last!) and the decision they had to make in order to faithfully navigate life in the hospital for 119 days.

With that life change, Cleere realized she had two choices: She could either react or respond. That's our choice everyday, isn't it? But the truth is, we always have a choice—when we walk by the Spirit, no matter how difficult our circumstances or how uncertain our future seems, we can always RESPOND knowing Jesus is on the clock and He is for our lives. It will change everything when we do.


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