S2 EP11: Endurance for the journey with Will Reaves—Part 2

on May 28, 2024

Struggling to be vulnerable or let people into your pain? A little worn out by what life is asking of you and needing a reminder to keep going? Navigating the gap between what you expected and your reality? This one’s for you. In this episode, Will (my husband if you’re new here :) ) and I, dig into what life has been like since our last episode of Sledge coming home from the hospital—parent or not, I believe this episode will encourage you right where you are.

The truth is, we often feel like God asks for more endurance than we have, but only God knows how strong we are with Him. I pray this episode encourages you to look for God’s hand, invite others in, and to be honest about where you are as you trust God to hold you, help you, and heal you.


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