S2 EP12: Jesus is with you always

on June 10, 2024

In this podcast, we dig into the word “with”—the four-letter, incredibly common word used a million times in our everyday vernacular but I personally think it might be the most powerful word in the english language. I know that’s a big statement but you’ll see what I mean as we dig deeper together.
With: the notion of togetherness. Camaraderie. When you are with someone, you are not alone.
I would argue that it is WHO you are WITH that changes your experience the most—not even where you are or what you’re going through or whatever it may be but the company you keep while you’re there.

And if God—the source of all things good, the sovereign one who holds all things together, and the supplier of every need and resource—is always with us, is there anything we should fear? What does that ensure for our present and our future? Do we have to maintain a level of performance to receive His constant presence?

WITH. It's the word that changes everything :)

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