S2 EP14: Unfiltered: Real, Raw, + Redeemed by Jesus

on July 02, 2024

What does it really mean to live unfiltered before Jesus? What prevents us from living unfiltered lives? What has our filtered culture and mindset done to us? How do we pursue lives of authenticity and transparency in a world obsessed with image and a culture consumed with curation + conformation?

In this episode, we dig into what it really means to be unfiltered—in the way that Jesus asks + longs for us to be—the kind that produces peace and ensures our contentment + safety. We long to be known, yet we apply filters on the inside + outside of our lives, not allowing anyone, even ourselves, to really know us…how does this affect us? How do we live differently? Unfiltered: will we trust Jesus with ALL of us so that we can walk in ALL He has for us?

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