Do you offer wholesale?

YES! We can be found on faire. Here is the link: cleerelystated.faire.com or you can always email us your order if you have any specifics or questions! Email these to cleerecherry@gmail.com.

Can I buy envelopes for the small handout sets?

We do not directly sell those; however, they can easily be purchased at major craft supply stores or on amazon.com.

Who writes the devotional portion of the products?

Cleere! That is why the company is called "Cleerely Stated" :) Obviously we can't take any credit for the best part which is the Scripture!

Do the card sets come with the stands or do I have to buy the stand separately?

All product descriptions include the specifics but just to reiterate, every card set comes with its own custom stand EXCEPT the handout sets, as those are meant to pass out and not to keep and read yourself.


Do you ever do custom work?

Due to time constraints, usually no. However, if you are requesting a higher quantity, email cleerecherry@gmail.com with your specific requests and we will discuss further.

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