9 reasons to pick up your Bible

on September 06, 2023

If you knew that there was a book that held the secrets of the world, provided the pathway to peace, + infused you with joy + strength for every new day, would you read it?

🤍 Culture tells you that to better understand yourself + your purpose, dig deeper into your own heart. But the way to true, lasting purpose + confidence? Learn the Father’s heart. No better a person to speak about a creation than the One who made it.


🤍 There will be opposition ahead—that is certain. But the Word allows you to not be afraid—it is literal provision, wisdom, + hope for every storm. It is active for your current battles.


🤍 The enemy hopes that the world + its hardship makes you hard, too. But the Word preserves your tenderness + reminds you of your home. It helps you fight for truth while always extending grace.


🤍 You will always choose what’s empty if you don’t educate your heart on what will fulfill you. In order to know how to walk in the Spirit, you must learn what is of the Spirit—the Bible is the guide.


🤍 Your emotions will wreck havoc on your peace; they are not trustworthy to lead you in the way of goodness. But the Word is like a colander—helping you hold onto what’s true + let go of what isn’t. Sift your life through the lens of light + peace will invade your soul.


🤍 The Word will feel like a distant, ancient text until YOU open it—not read another’s interpretation of it. It is alive + active, which means it will do its job if you give it attention. Make it personal + you will feel God near.


🤍 Trust is a buzz word. It feels like a reward that only some can tap into, right? But really, it’s a direct result of refilling at the well, experiencing His kindness, + learning His character. He is always good for His Word.


🤍 Relationships are the fabric of the King’s heart—they’re why you’re here. The Word helps you let go of offense, walk in gentleness, fight for God’s best, + see others through His eyes. It’s the key to healthy relationships.

🤍Your heart is curious—that’s a GIFT! The struggle + doubt comes when you go other places but His Word. He has answers for what you need to know and all else? He provides peace that He does.

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