9 Reasons you don't have to be afraid:

on March 01, 2023

Sometimes fear is quiet + unsure and other times it’s loud + intrusive.
Either way, no matter where you are, you don’t have to be afraid:


🤍 You have a GUIDE. You don’t have to be afraid of not knowing the way, understanding the pace, or being misled. The Holy Spirit has walked this way before…He has you.


🤍 You have a HELPER. Imagine a constant person who says, “Tell me what you need.” That’s Him. He is aware of all, engaged in every detail, + the most effective person you know.


🤍 You have a FOREVER FRIEND. You don’t have to fear traveling alone or getting rejected by others—the Holy Spirit delights in being with you ALWAYS! You have a permanent companion.


🤍 You have a COUNSELOR. Fear tends to rise when complex emotions come to the surface or the future feels daunting…lean into the One who can discern your heart + direct you. Talk with Him about your fears.


🤍 You have an ADVOCATE. There is One who will fight for your highest + your best, no matter how tired or confused you feel. The Holy Spirit is always warring on your behalf so you can rest + respond.


🤍 You have a COMFORTER. Sometimes the fear is there because you haven’t given yourself a chance to breathe or a moment for your heart to recenter…sit with Him. Let Him hold you and then tell you what to hold. Peace comes.


🤍 You have a STRENGTHENER. Your flesh may fail and your mind may grow tired but the Spirit taps in when you tap out. You don’t have to fear running out or stopping short with Him.


🤍 You have an INTERCESSOR. He knows the deepest desires + prayers of your heart…do not be afraid! You are seen, heard, + known. He will tell the Father.


🤍 You have a POWER SOURCE. For peace, hope, joy, strength, love, patience…whatever it is. The Holy Spirit runs on unlimited supply. Let Him remove the fear + fill you up.

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