9 things to celebrate today:

on July 26, 2023

Don’t wait for something big to happen—choose to let today be a day of celebration + delight because of these truths:


🤍 You’ve made traction! Progress! You’ve taken steps! This is huge! Are you where you long to be? No—life is a journey. Don’t wait to arrive to celebrate the process of life.


🤍 You know why the Kingdom of God being unshakeable is really good news? Because it means your safety isn’t in question. Celebrate that there is no opposition that can truly overtake you + be courageous.


🤍 All day long, you can FEEL a certain way and not act on it. This means that life won’t happen to you today—you get to decide your posture + perspective. Rain clouds aren’t permanent fixtures with the Holy Spirit.


🤍 Tomorrow is in your Father’s hands. He already knows the end from the beginning!!! This gives you freedom. You aren’t limited + worry doesn’t have to take root because He is already there and He is GOOD.


🤍 You get to celebrate what you can see and then you get to celebrate what has yet to come to fruition! That’s the power of faith. When you rejoice in what isn’t visible, the power of the Holy Spirit comes alive through you.


🤍 It is signed, sealed, + delivered—your gift is important and always relevant. No affirmation or nod needed from the world. Today, you get to steward it knowing God only extends favor when it’s attached to purpose.


🤍 New mercy has blanketed your day. That means your past is covered + your future is FULL of possibility. When you celebrate this, you’re proving that you believe His grace is sufficient for your mishaps.


🤍 There will never be a task you do or someone/something you tend to that goes unnoticed or unseen by the Father. Remember—just because it’s not awarded doesn’t mean it’s in vain. The Ultimate Father is sewing roots of deep character in you.


🤍 You get to praise Him anywhere + everywhere!!! You get to be a person of gratitude + great hope! A cheerful spirit waters dry ground—celebrate His goodness today + remind others that Heaven is their home.

Celebration is not a result of an outcome; it must be the lifestyle that shows we trust the goodness of God.

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