9 things you aren't responsible for:

on May 17, 2023

There is a lot you will need to tend to today and things that are your responsibility—save your energy for those. Let go of:


🤍 You aren’t responsible for what others think about you. No matter how impressive or kind or whatever you are, there will be naysayers. Their opinion reflects them, not you. If you walk in integrity, who cares what they say?


🤍 You aren’t responsible for what God does with your gifts. Your part? Showing up, giving your all, + trusting Him to be God. Getting caught up in the outcome strips your ability to be focused + obedient.


🤍 You aren’t responsible for the strength or needs you’ll have tomorrow. Dipping into the well for the future assumes that the Provider will run out or not follow-through. Travel lightly; tomorrow will come.


🤍 You aren’t responsible for the words + actions of others. Your greatest example + ability to impact what they do is by living out the faith, grace, + compassion you claim to have.


🤍 You aren’t responsible for how other people feel about your boundaries. Don’t expect them to understand the parameters God has given for YOUR peace. Your health + progress will speak for itself.


🤍 You aren’t responsible for others feel or receive God. He can handle, which He also predicted, their rejection, their betrayal, + their pride. Being a disciple is responding in love no matter how they receive His message.


🤍 You aren’t responsible for how others steward a friendship. Your love, intentionality, + kindness is a gift, no matter if they reciprocate. Understand that their capacity often has nothing to do with you.


🤍 You aren’t responsible for understanding God’s timeline. In fact, the gap between your comprehension and your obedience is FAITH. It’s necessary. Releasing the need to justify what He’s doing or grasp how dots will connect frees you to simply enjoy life.


🤍 You aren’t responsible for fulfilling other’s expectations of you. You are responsible for fulfilling your Heavenly Father’s expectations, which will always cover honorable, necessary expectations of others. Health is found in honoring God, trusting He will handle man.

Be responsible with what is in YOUR circle and let 👏🏻the👏🏻rest👏🏻 go!

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