9 things you should never assume:

on January 24, 2024

Assumptions are dangerous. Often subconsciously formed out of miscommunication, misinterpretation, or misunderstanding, you must be aware of their pitfall to avoid their destruction.


🤍 Never assume you know the battles others are facing. Doing so prevents you from walking in acceptance, compassion, + radical kindness. It’s safe to assume you hardly know—that’s more like it.


🤍 Never assume that it’s personal. Whether it’s words that are said or a reaction from another, you are often the casualty of the way they’re fighting inside or elsewhere. Remove offense- it helps you be effective + present.


🤍 Never assume that others know how you feel. This prevents you from communicating clearly + being vulnerable. Good or bad, telling others where you stand provides roots for strong relationships + conflict resolution.


🤍 Never assume that your voice doesn’t matter. Assuming so becomes a crutch so you don’t have to be brave + bold. God has you right where you are for such a time as this—speaking up is necessary.


🤍 Never assume that your expectations are obvious. What’s obvious to you often isn’t obvious to others. Express what you need, where you stand, + the goal in motion—hidden expectations are a setup for failure.


🤍 Never assume that the familiar places, people, + positions can’t bring new perspective + power. It is often exactly here where God affirms to you that He sees you, He knows your desires, + He’s working.


🤍 Never assume that your past prevents you from your future. God knows where you’ve been + what you’ve done—He was there for every part of it. It’s safe to assume that wherever you are, God’s using it all. Your story requires your history so it can walk in the fruit of your destiny.


🤍 Never assume that the unseen = the unimportant. The unseen is the builder of your character + the great preparation for what’s ahead. God recognizes you—let that be enough.


🤍 Never assume that you can alter—good or bad—the love of Jesus. It’s perfect. His decision when He made you was firm—“MINE,” He said. You don’t have to live for His love when you can live from it.

Anchor your assumptions in truth—that’s a safe bet.

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