9 truths to help you rest in the heart of the father

on April 26, 2023
It is not greater self-confidence that you need to walk in courage, gain peace, or know contentment; rather, it is resting in the heart of the Father—THIS changes how you see everything:
🤍 You can never outrun the patience of the One whose mission is to save you. He is in it for the long-haul despite your attempts to reject or run away—He will never tire out on pursuing you.
🤍 How He feels about you has nothing to do with how you show up for Him. Removing the performance element + the striving mentality, His desire is simply for you to live responding to the grace He will never stop giving you.
🤍 Your gifts, talents, + heart are a specific, divine combo that He created—He doesn’t see another’s as more valuable. His heart is that you would realize their significance + fan the flame of faith using them wisely + diligently.
🤍 His heart for you? Healing from the inside out. Whatever it requires, however long it takes, whatever you must release—healing. Success to Him is health deep within your soul.
🤍 His heart is for you and His eyes are on your life. He collects every tear that falls + calms your spirit with His whisper. Your emotions are significant to Him + your struggles are never hidden from Him. He SEES you.
🤍 Forgiveness like a blanket of white snow—covering all that’s beneath it + creating fresh vision. That is His for you. Fully + always—the only shackles you have are those you allow. Freedom is His gift to you.
🤍 The strength you need for the impossible circumstances, the hard conversations, + all that’s ahead? It is the fabric of who He is. Strength personified. Lean into Him. The Rock. His might is unmatched—He is your safe place.
🤍 Predictability or understanding cannot be your method of trust; you were not meant to grasp such majesty. Worship opens your eyes to see that His ways are greater, higher, + always perfect.
🤍 His heart for you is that you would release the need to deliver justice and that you would extend mercy, offer compassion, + walk in love. His justice is ALWAYS better + allows you to be present. He misses nothing.

Is His heart good?
For you?
Trust it + let it be your peace.
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