A little reminder...

on November 07, 2023

On the surface is preferable—it allows us to take great comfort in the visible matching up with the invisible—we want to be able to SEE and touch and feel and KNOW that we aren’t placing our hope or our strength in something that isn’t real. Or dependable. Or constant. Or sure.

We want to know that we know that we know.
But we do know, don’t we?
Not because of the view that’s in front of us but because of the Helper that’s within us, the Creator that made us, and the Sustainer that’s leading us.
Out of His mercy, so pure and undeserved, He often removes the veil and lets us see. It’s like peeking into Heaven, all to realize that Heaven is actually all around.

We can have moments where we wonder but then we must remember: He has never let us down.
He has gone before armies and conquered.
He has multiplied what seemed few.
He has brought miracles from the most mundane moments.
He has opened the eyes of the blind.
He has healed desolate land and restored health in the places that were dry.
He has revived hearts that swore they would never come to know Him.
And every moment of every day, He is doing much the same—
Restoring, healing, nudging, fortifying, refining, calming, shifting, planting, redeeming, establishing—and loving.

Our God is never not working.
His character is our safety net, our security blanket, and our shelter when we want to ask, “But what if it’s hard to see?”
Because in this life—this time where we are passing through until we get home—it is the invisible that will give us hope for every visible thing.

Wherever you are, in whatever season you find yourself, amidst whatever impossibilities or difficulties you’re navigating, the King of Kings is working.

Grateful to rest in this 🤍

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