A prayer for Thanksgiving week...

on November 20, 2023

It’s here—thanksgiving week is here and there is sooooooo much to be grateful for. It’s abundant!
But sometimes, the pressure of hosting or the tension of relationships or the growing to-do-lists or the pace of the hustled culture around us makes us feel like our blessings are burdens and the outcome is our responsibility.
Suddenly, we just try to survive thanksgiving and dream about the Netflix the weekend after.
But what if this year is different?

Thanksgiving is just a reminder:
Everything good is from Him,
Stewardship is ours to walk out but control is not,
Togetherness is hard because we are fleshly but it’s beautiful because His divinity is our covering,
Fulfillment in life requires open hearts despite possible pain,
Peace is found in His presence alone,
Gratitude opens our eyes to what comparison closes,
and grace fills every gap we have.

The food we prepare is an additive,
The beautiful table settings are a beautiful compliment,
But the real blessing? The togetherness. The warmth of the Spirit that you invite into your home and host at your table. The conversations that goes deeper than surface level and invites people into a safe space.

He will guide you in every space, amidst every hard conversation, with every family member who accidentally or purposely offends you, as you navigate the particulars and the details and all of it—He is with you.
Continually return to Him and sit at His table; it is there that you will find the refreshment, strength, + joy you need to usher it at your own.

Wouldn’t it be such a testament to those that walk through your door if prioritizing peace + warmth was your obvious focus?
How would our lives- and this week in particular- change if we spent our time thinking about all His goodness and turned the voices down around our table as we turned up the worship?

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