Another fresh beginning

on September 18, 2023

Another Monday, another M I R A C L E 💫
Another fresh beginning where we get to lean into the whisper of the One who saved us and trust His lead, knowing He only directs to good + holy places.
Another chance to show our Heavenly Father how much we love Him—not through striving or performance or accolades or doing—but by being people who live LOVED. Oh how that would please Him!

Jesus, thank YOU!
Thank You a million times over.
As we imagine the week ahead of us, we know there are a million ways that it could go but one thing we know for certain: It is full of promise because Your plans always are!
Even when it’s laced with difficulty,
Even when detours change our expected time of arrival,
Even when the world tells us disheartening news,
It is YOUR truth that our hearts come back to and that fills us up.
Our well of hope and our strong tower, You are.

Your goodness is trustworthy, Father.
Help us be courageous in every space of our lives—not just the ones that feel easier or more conducive to our strengths or more impressive to the world—but in all places.
Sometimes bravery will look like remaining in a space that we would prefer to leave and sometimes bravery will simply be showing up despite the enemy’s anxious attacks in our own minds.
You see our courage and You honor it.
As we walk forward, we watch our weakness become Your strength and our faith multiplies.
“THIS is life!”, we think to ourselves.

We are armored up for this week—ready and resilient.
Our armor specifically made for us and our unique size + makeup; no one else’s will do.
It withstands every fire and is forged through perseverance + love.
Your angels have canvased the hallways of our lives—we FEEL their immense protection as we go.
From ahead and behind, we are held.
No weapon formed against us shall prosper this week.
We enter our lives with STRENGTH, JOY, + PEACE because You are our source.

And when we forget truth and feel afraid, You will help us lift our head again.
Eyes back on You…off of Goliath… hands on the stones we already hold…aware of the preparation we already have…graced for moments like this 💫

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