Another week carried by mercy

on September 11, 2023

Another Monday, another M I R A C L E 🌟
Another new week, even when it feels like the old tarnishes your slate, your Father has painted it brand new. Totally fresh.
Another week to discover what it means to keep your eyes on Heaven and your focus on what lasts—legacy is being built day by day.

Jesus, thank You.
Sometimes, our prayers are long and we find more words to express what’s in our hearts. And other times? We are just before You, hoping You can hear what we can’t yet form or we just feel the weight of humanity and need to be reminded of Your divinity. You’re holding us and You’re holding this and You’re holding tomorrow and You’re holding eternity—help us remember.

Give us the discernment, discipline, and devotion to schedule our priorities instead of letting our schedule determine how we prioritize our lives. Show us how to keep important things important. You honor this. When it doesn’t make sense to the world around us, remind us that it’s not supposed to; faith calls us to have a different totem pole.

Thank You for handling all the details—not one of them is missed by You. And no one is more excellent than You. No one has better standards or more awareness of need than You. Like Mary, help us choose what matters and let You handle the particulars. Remove our anxious tendencies and rewire how we handle the unknowns + uncertainties. What if all that we didn’t know excited us because we trusted that You already knew?

you’re our peace. The person of You, not the promises You offer. Both are true but it is Your presence that stills the seas + silences the mouth of our enemy. You’re with us. Here, present, tending to our hearts and bringing healing underneath the surface. You are the vine and with You, we will bear much fruit. We aren’t consumed by collecting the harvest because we trust that it will come—in Your timing, in Your ways, all because of grace.

We are praising You for this day. With every emotion, hurdle, question, + hallelujah that it brings, it is worthy of our praise.

Apart from You, we can do nothing.
With You? Nothing is impossible.

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