As your heart processes emotions, remember this:

on May 24, 2023

The good, the bad, + the really hard—how can you process emotions in a way that protects your purpose, peace, + perspective?


🤍 Remember that it’s rarely one emotion or another, especially with big decisions. You can feel expectant about everything God is doing, while also being sad about what you had to let go. The heart is complex—don’t box it in.


🤍 There is no “approved” timeline that outlines the rightful processing of grief, sorrow, or any difficult emotion. It is usually longer than we’d like—that’s okay. Lasting healing is found on the longer road—be patient with your heart.


🤍 Sometimes, you don’t even fully understand the intricacies of what you’re processing. Old wounds resurface, offense is planted without your awareness, or your heart is just tired from life. It’s good—that’s the point. Sit with the Shepherd.


🤍 Spending your time justifying your feelings to others brings room for the enemy to shame you, confuse you, + rush you. Don’t fall prey. Anyone who tries to make you prioritize perception over growth isn’t worth your time.


🤍 Sometimes, you just want to process FUN STUFF and life has felt way too hard. God sees. He is the living water and new life is being formed. But know this—right here is where your soul is discovering the greatest gold.


🤍 You can feel something very deeply and still choose to not carry it forward. Give your heart the space to process it and then ask the Holy Spirit to help you work through it. The power of not being directed by your emotions recognizes that you can’t control others, but you can control you.


🤍 The surest, strongest, steadiest way to process emotions is always through the filter of the word of God. Rooting yourself in the invisible is what gives clarity, strength, and encouragement for the visible.


🤍 Your emotions will convince you that joy is something you can’t quite hold; however, fighting for contentment has always been His command. It is life-changing to know that contentment isn’t conditional in Jesus.


🤍 Soul formation is the priority in every space, situation, + struggle. Who you are becoming is ALWAYS the Father’s focus. It will not matter what you do if you forget who you are.

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