Assume the BEST

on June 15, 2023

What if?
When someone makes a decision that you don’t agree with, what if you assumed that they were choosing the best thing with what they knew?
When your spouse does something that feels offensive or selfish, what if you assumed that they weren’t trying to make you feel insignificant?
When a friend says something that pings your heart or makes you feel a tad insecure, what if you assumed they didn’t know it was a trigger or that it doesn’t affect them that way, so they didn’t realize it?
When a stranger is rude or a waitress is slow or a person frustrates you, what if you assume that there are other factors influencing their behavior or their ability to tend to you?

Assumptions are dangerous when seeded in preconceived notions and a false sense of what is truly going on. But assuming the best? It blankets the situation with grace, humbles your own heart, and gives breathing room for humanity.
It helps you be a better employee, spouse, sibling, daughter or son, leader, friend, and person—because despite what your flesh wants to do (react, assume intent, retaliate, form judgements, etc.), it is a small way of whispering to Jesus, “I’m letting hope a+ joy guide me. I know You see this + will do what sees fit.”

How do you respond when someone gives you grace or doesn’t jump to conclusions when you make a mistake?
How do you feel when you’re around someone who assumes the best, even when it sometimes leads to disappointment?

God knows the reality of every situation + circumstance.
God knows the motivation of every human heart (that’s His focus.)
He can handle the revealing + tending to when the best was not given—that’s on Him.
But when you assume the best of what’s in front of you, you assume that God is good at His job.
When you assume that you don’t know the full story, humility leads you to fruitful interactions.
When you assume that empathy + kindness are more effective responses than humiliation, anger, or offense, grace guides your way.

Assuming the best of your future is assuming God is already there.
And that? Well, that’s a fact 🤍
And in doing so, you allow your heart to operate from a place of peace, joy, and rest.

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