Counting your blessings helps you recognize them!

on June 28, 2024

Like a well running over, bubbling far past the surface because it cannot be contained—so is the Father’s goodness! How can it be true?! And yet, it’s the surest thing we know!

⭐️ When you take the time to count your blessings, it helps you recognize how many there are! Vocalizing grace amplifies your awareness of how ever present + magnificent God is.

⭐️ He is the God of the mountaintops—the high moments, the answered prayers, the breakthrough, the deliverance, the victories!
And He is also God of the valleys—the low moments, the unanswered prayers, the breakdowns, the heaviness, + the hard! He holds it all.

⭐️ There is light coming…this season has felt long and this struggle has often felt like too much but God is the God who sees—He is doing a new thing.

⭐️ When you live with your palms up, you position yourself to experience the fruitful, faithful life God has for you. You’ll never regret releasing + holding what God asks.

⭐️ Only one person gets to determine value—of you, others, + all else—and His name is Jesus. The way to righteousness + peace is to know + adhere to His value system.

⭐️ The flowers fade and earthly treasures decay but the Word and love of God stand forever. Jesus and all that He is will be the only thing that remains.

⭐️ You may feel like what you’re up against is too much or that you can’t handle what’s on your plate but God graces you for the season you’re in. Lean into the Holy Spirit—you’re made for such a time as this.

⭐️ The Provider is acutely aware of what you need, how much you need, and when you need it. You don’t have to panic or worry that He doesn’t see you’re in need—He’s already on it.

⭐️ Transitions are hard!!!! But the more you walk them out, the better you get at them! Don’t expect yourself to ace it; expect to process it, learn from it, and grow as you endure it.

⭐️ Tomorrow is none of your business. These 24 hours are your only responsibility. Eyes on today.

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