Do all that you can to keep your circle healthy.

on July 02, 2024

Stand up and draw a circle around you.
Just you.
That is the sum of who you can control.
You can control what you focus on, despite the temptation to be perpetually interrupted,
You can control what words you say, even when kindness isn’t reciprocated and grace isn’t recognized.
You can control what inputs you allow, even if it forces you to say no to what’s popular or experience FOMO.
You can control how you respond to others; the words or actions of others don’t determine your output.
You can control your disposition, even when the atmosphere around you wants to convince you joy isn’t possible here.
You can control what you prioritize, even when it’s uncomfortable or forces you to let go of something you find pleasurable or asks you to release what you’ve been holding.
You can control these things—which are many—but how many times do you find yourself focusing on everything BUT these?
Especially when you’re mistreated, impatient, or tired, trying to control the words, actions, or responses of those around you seems easier. The pain they inflict or their lack of awareness seems apparent and they need to take responsibility for it.
Or you feel like you’re helping them, right? If you don’t open their eyes, will they ever see it or choose the better thing?

But that? Dipping into the circles around you when your arms length is only but so wide—it is wildly draining. It makes you frustrated because you usually don’t get the outcome you’d like or if you do, it takes too long. It keeps you from walking forward in your lane, which further leaves you bitter for being distracted. And then you feel tired, because it takes far more energy to try to drive a car + press the brakes when you’re not in the correct seat to do so.

Understanding what + who you control paves the way for freedom + strength. It releases unhealthy expectations + realigns focus. It helps you serve + love others where they are instead of where you wish they were. It insulates your day with peace as you align your choices with what is true, pray for clarity there, + pursue health amidst holy boundaries.
What if today + this week, you chose this way + let Jesus handle the rest?🤍

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