Every move God makes is for your protection.

on February 17, 2023

“The Lord is good to all, and His mercy is over all that He has made.” -Psalm 145:9
Praising Him for it all!

🌟God never does anything that isn’t for your ultimate protection—closed doors, open doors, + suffering alike—His wisdom is your guard in everything you can’t see.

🌟In every chapter of your life, in every difficult circumstance, in every urgent matter, it is always possible to find comfort + calm in the Holy Spirit. Shallow breaths + stress are a choice.

🌟Your effort is seen and significant, especially in the places the world doesn’t recognize or vocalize as award-worthy. Keep pursuing excellence.

🌟Knowing the pace of grace for you- not anyone else around you—is a sign of maturity. Taking your foot off the gas pedal often refuels you + makes you wildly more effective for the Kingdom.

🌟Worship isn’t emotion-based; though emotions stir, it is the decision to respond to the heart of God irregardless of how you feel. Doing so will coach your spirit + help you remember His perfect, trustworthy character.

🌟You think that the miracle is the thing you’ll hold at the end or the promise you’ll receive…but it is often the faith + courage you cultivate along the way. True belief in God is world-changing.

🌟You will never regret standing in agreement with where God calls you or in releasing something so you can hold what He has for you. A life of submission = a rich life.

🌟Angels are all around you—on every side, they have their eyes on you. You can’t escape the provision of God’s army. Don’t be afraid—there are far more for you than against you.

🌟A strong root system—one that honors prayer, prioritizes discipleship, practices sabbath, sits with Jesus, etc.—it is worth ALL it asks of you.

🌟God is here. Is there any better news than that? Keep your eyes open + your heart expectant; NEW things are springing up! A fresh wind has arrived.

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