Every new horizon brings fresh hope + strength

on March 08, 2024

From the sunrise to the breath in your lungs to the way He will cover every moment of your day moving forward, the goodness of God is truly the well that doesn’t run dry.

🌟 Every new horizon that paints the sky and brings the morning into motion is accompanied by fresh mercy and strength. Yesterday is gone; today is here and the Holy Spirit lives within you.

🌟 Hard conversations are just that—hard. But the more you allow healthy confession + confrontation to be a part of life, the stronger that muscle will get and the more you will realize that they are often the greatest avenue to establishing trust.

🌟 The protection of your Heavenly Father is failproof. There isn’t a detail He misses or something that slipped by Him; He has considered your past, present, + future and He knows what He is doing.

🌟 At any moment, you can stop. Literally stop, sit down, and take a break. Recalibrate + renew your mind. This is wisdom. Stillness invites the Holy Spirit to speak in unique ways.

🌟 Speaking words of life + hope are changing agents for your perspective. As you speak what is true, even when you can’t see it yet, your heart + mind remember the view from Heaven.

🌟 What’s in your hand? What staff or stones has God placed in you that can be used right where you are? What God calls you to will never require you to strive for something you don’t already have.

🌟 Many times, your vision is simply this: “God is with me.” When you feel blind, a little lost, or nervous about what’s ahead, remember that He has taken every step of this journey. Keep going—your faith is growing!

🌟 Right where you are—you are already loved. Unconditionally. Wholeheartedly. Without any strings attached.
You are already chosen. Knowing every flaw, He stamped you “Mine” and sealed your identity. Receive it.

🌟 Healthy expectations are difficult to form in uncertain, unprecedented situations. But what is safe? To enter it knowing that the Maker + Mender + Miracle-Worker is on the move. He never slumbers.

🌟 The same God of the Bible—who made the sun stand still, silenced seas, and saved those who denied Him—He is the God of your reality. Nothing is too hard for Him.

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