Every season is unique

on April 30, 2024


Seasons—a word we hear a lot and tend to add to sentences and times that feel confusing, unsure, weary, or heavy. Like a stamp, we hope that the more we press it on, the more our soul understands that this too—it is temporary.

The truth is, the hard seasons usually last longer than we’d prefer and the jubilant, celebratory seasons pass by before we realize the immense joy we’ve been given.
I think that’s because we are more aware—often because it’s requiring more grit + strength than we feel that we have—of the duration of the tough ones. They feel more disruptive of the steadiness but in actuality—the more pressing a season, the more pruning the Lord is doing inside of you + the more power you get to walk in through the Holy Spirit.

Does it change the circumstances to know that they aren’t forever?
Does it lessen the pain of heartbreak to know that it’ll get better?
Does the work feel less hard to be aware that it’s worth it + healing comes?
No. But it does provide tenacity, increase your hope, and recalibrate your perspective to remember that the intensity of the moment need to write the banner over your life.

Knowing your season helps you realize your capacity so that you can tend to what matters—this is what helps you love Jesus, others, + yourself well.
Knowing your season helps you release unrealistic expectations of how things will unfold—this allows you to care about people instead of trying to control the process.
Knowing your seasons helps you renew your mind in what is true—this places value on what God says over what culture says or how you feel.
It’s okay to see the seasons of others and wonder why yours feels harder or heavier…but don’t stay there. Ask for His eyes to see.

LAVISH grace!!! You haven’t been here before. Even if a familiar routine, every season is a new experience.
Trust the preparation of the One who is leading you.
Hope + strength are being cultivated.
He is making everything beautiful in His time 🤍

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