Fear doesn't get a say in your decisions.

on May 17, 2024


Waking up, He smiles as we take a deep breath and welcome another day before us.
We feel it, we see it, + we know it will meet us where we are today—Grace. Hope. JOY that comes straight from Heaven.

Praising God that His goodness is running after us!

🌟 Fear doesn’t get the microphone unless you give it away. You can hear it’s voice, recognize that it doesn’t align with the Waymaker or His Word + tell it to hit 👏🏻 the 👏🏻 road 👏🏻 Take back your authority.

🌟 Really good, deep, true, honest, + kind friends are possible right where you are. If you don’t have them yet, don’t give up. Be one yourself + ask Jesus for those connections. Your intentionality + heart will help you.

🌟 Whatever you’re navigating, God is using it. Both in you + through you, and in all that happens FOR you, the hard stuff welcomes the holy process of transformation. It’s not without purpose.

🌟 In any conversation, any interaction, amidst any exchange you have in this life, you’ll always honor Jesus when you surrender your pride. You don’t have to prove points if the goal is pleasing Jesus.

🌟 When you’re following His lead + saying yes to His will? Success multiplies. The harvest is plenty but the workers are few—are your hands invested in what matters?

🌟 There is nothing more lovely to your Maker than when your heart reflects His. Let Him show you any grievous way within you and seek purity of motivation in all that you say + do. What a gift back to Him.

🌟 When you pray, the King listens. When you’re struggling, His eyes are already on you. You don’t have to make Him aware of your current state or setup— He can be both fully there + fully here, He’s God.

🌟 Struggling with belonging? Missing someone who’s gained their wings? Wondering why the world is so tough? Remember the veil is thin + life is short. Take heart.

🌟 There are some types of growth + grit that you only gain in the seasons laced with struggle + sadness. And others that are only discovered when celebrating wild success. ALL necessary.

🌟 Gratitude is the gateway to contentment. Do you see all that He’s done for you? Given you? Put inside of you? Voice that + watch your perspective change.

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