God always wants you closer to Him

on January 12, 2024

When you focus on the goodness around you + the goodness within Him, there truly is no time for worry.
Notice it + give breath to it!

🌟 It’s wildly intimate + so comforting to know that God always wants you closer, isn’t it? He wants zero distance, regardless of the mistakes you’ve made. His goal: Intimacy with you.

🌟 Want to attract healthy relationships? Be healthy. Clear vision, aligned priorities, + loving actions invite the same.

🌟 How you were wired, how you see things, how you operate—all are blessings you get to offer back to the world. They aren’t meant to be hidden!!! Your uniqueness is just that—it’s not like anyone else.

🌟 Tired or stressed tends to be the norm of culture but it doesn’t have to be yours. You can be in a busy season + still operate with a posture of peace + gratitude.

🌟 In every conversation, with every person, and in every response, showing compassion is a good + Godly move. To keep a tender heart, even when not reciprocated, radiates His love.

🌟 Success is often beneath the surface—as hearts are transformed, teams are built, creativity is dreamt up, + things are watered. Don’t l the spectrum of visibility confuse you with the gauge of success.

🌟 Simple prayers that believe God, voice need, + yearn for Heaven are beautiful, effective, + powerful. Bring your utterances to His feet—they move mountains.

🌟 The power of your testimony is often overlooked by you the most. Others are watching—especially when the storms of life keep swirling—and how you show up tells them much about the Savior you follow.

🌟 Guess what? When you lay something at His feet, you get to walk away. No monitoring is needed for the One who made you + all else. He’s the best at handling + holding it all.

🌟 Wherever you are, whatever you’re facing, whatever is in your hands—you are standing on the solid Rock of Jesus Christ. Immovable. Rest your confidence in that.

Praising Him! His hands are shaking things up + His heart is perfect in all it says + does.

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