God breathed new life into you today.

on October 20, 2023

His goodness is the fabric to our lives, canvassing our days + covering every space—it is the reason for this day + the source of our hope for tomorrow!

🌟 NEW life has been breathed into your soul; yesterday is no longer, you just have the present. Receive it. Welcome it. Step firmly into this day.

🌟 Hard conversations often become the pathway to the greatest relationships, personally + professionally, we will ever hold. They’re always worth having. How else will you know you can trust someone if things have never gone awry?

🌟 For every beating heart, sunshine, hydration, + worship are nourishment from the inside out. When you make time for them, you never regret it.

🌟 People want to help you; they often just don’t know how. Tell them. It’s the point of life. Doesn’t it bless you to extend a hand? Let them do the same.

🌟 Rest isn’t the reward for all your striving or doing; it is a command regarding your posture, pace, + priorities. It preserves your doing + makes it purposeful.

🌟 Forgiveness is a gift to ALL. Not only does it set the giver + the receiver free, it provides healthier atmosphere for everyone around them.

🌟 Whatever inhibits you from running after Jesus, you SHOULD guard against. Even if it seems “okay” or normal, if it doesn’t benefit your growth, don’t allow it.

🌟 Discomfort will never be fun. End of story. However, it is the needed ingredient for your human flesh to make change that your soul desperately needs to stay healthy.

🌟 There isn’t a single moment or circumstance in which your Father’s arms aren’t ready to embrace you or that His door isn’t wide open. Go!!!

🌟 You will never understand His timeline; however, if you had His perspective, wisdom, purity of heart, + sovereignty, you’d choose it every time.

Goodness...it’s impossible to contain 🌟

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