God covered the day before you opened your eyes.

on May 10, 2024

Goodness is who He is. It’s what He gives, how He operates, + the fabric of His being. It’s what flows from Him in every moment + it can be trusted, even when not predictable. What are you looking for? Has life tainted what you’re expecting?

🌟 Before you ever put your feet on the floor, He covered your day. He bridged the gaps, lavished grace where needed, and provided infrastructure for health + healing. It is who He is.

🌟 When you really want something or have yearned for a prayer to be answered or a door to open, the wait always feels longer than expected + desired. But here? It’s the fertilizer. It’s pruning + preparing you.

🌟 Even the darkness that feels looming and the hard parts of life that feel heavy are light to Him. In His sovereignty and power, His mere presence shuns every morsel of darkness. He isn’t bothered or concerned. Let His view encourage you.

🌟 At any moment, you can reclaim your joy. Maybe it was diminished by a circumstance, dampened by pain, or discouraged by life’s happenings in some way, shape or form—that’s okay. He restores. You have the authority to pick it back up.

🌟 The prize—the reward you are truly after—the end all, be all—it is knowing Jesus. Learning His heart + receiving His love for you is the absolute greatest thing you could ever hold or experience.

🌟 Jesus is the healer. He can do anything at any moment for anyone despite any obstacle. His healing isn’t always easy to comprehend or predict but it is fireproof and trustworthy. And guess what? He’s in the room with you. He knows the details.

🌟 Getting unstuck often requires some discomfort, flexibility, adjusting, + confronting that feel hard but GOOD. Because you were created for relationship with Jesus, pulling your feet from the mud is always worth the work it requires.

🌟 Though the world it is loud, it has no authority over your identity or how “successful” you truly are. You get to live by a different standard—one that the world will soon bow to.

🌟 Simple adventures + laughter are always worth pursuing, even when they feel distant or far fetched amidst struggles. Go! Do ! Look for His hand + smile!

🌟 God has the final say about you. Period.

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