God is able.

on May 15, 2024


What does it really mean to know that He is able?
Merriam-Webster defines able as having 3 different meanings:
1. Having sufficient power, skill, or resources to do something
2. Having the freedom or opportunity to do something
3. Having a quality or nature that makes something possible
So…what kind of able is our Heavenly Father? How do we know that we know that we know that anything is possible at any moment for anyone He chooses with anything despite every obstacle?

Our God is all of them.
He holds all power, can execute any skill, and is the source of every desirable resource.
He is the One who draws the boundary lines and determines what is good, necessary, and holy. Therefore, He has total freedom and opportunity to do anything He wants. He is the One who directs; never the opposite.
His nature is all-knowing and His sovereignty is all-encompassing. The fabric of who He is includes the truth that nothing is impossible for Him.

So—when it feels like He’s silent, He’s working. When your prayers feel unheard, remember that He knows what you don’t and sees what you can’t. When your situation feels hard-pressed, now is when you lean in and let your emotions wrestle with the truth that God is in control. Truth wins—always. Resting in the character of who He is will always be your greatest + most steady source of hope for wherever you are…because even when the view changes or the opposition fires up or your flesh fails, God remains the same.
He remains ABLE.

Speak language that is hope-filled and sure that the presence of God is permeating the space that you are.
Pray like He’s listening and assume that you’re on His priority list—because you are.
Act and respond in a way that proves you trust the strength + joy of God to lead the way—because it will.

He is able.
The gap between what feels expected and how He moves is what builds faith + instigates surrender.
Being in a position where you’re needing His hand to move is an opportunity and a blessing.
He’s going to show up.
He already is.
And what He does + delivers will be Heaven to earth 🤍

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