God is always covering you.

on January 26, 2024

It is incomprehensible—to think about His goodness and all the ways that it shows up in the world. In every corner of space, amidst every personal situation, and it never runs out. Ever!!!

🌟 God is always covering you. When you feel it + when you don’t, despite your own shortcomings and doubts, and especially during seasons where hope feels bleak—His wingspan covers all.

🌟 Forgiveness is one of the most powerful things you can offer to any atmosphere. Even when others don’t seem to reciprocate or respond, grace given + mercy extended is always a healing agent.

🌟 Disagreement should be expected—different minds with different viewpoints, filters, experiences, + perspectives. But warmth + grace are always possible. Is the mission to prove a point or love well? That decides it.

🌟 Rain isn’t permanent, no matter how long it feels like it’s fallen. When things seem hopeless or uncertain or God seems silent, it is safe to assume that He is working in overtime. Only He can see the forecast.

🌟 Waiting always feels longer than you want but it always builds more strength, perseverance, + character than you expect. It’s so healthy + holy for you. God doesn’t disappoint. Count on that.

🌟 At any point, you can pivot. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve walked the current path, what others will say, or what you will have to forego in the process, you have the authority to choose a different way.

🌟 One baby step usually leads to another baby step. Courage usually isn’t fleshed out in gigantic leaps; rather, it is everyday moments where you decide that you want your life to be defined by how much you trusted God.

🌟 You don’t have to have tomorrow figured out. Or five years from now. It’s okay that you feel a little unsure about what’s ahead!!! That will help you lean in—He IS the way.

🌟 The more you heal + the healthier you get, the less you need the affirmation of others or the confirmation from the world to press forward. The process of healing is the constant revelation of who + what you control and the decision to let go of all else.

Goodness—it is sprinkled in every moment because God is there, too 🤍

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