God is an on-time God. He's never early or late.

on May 31, 2024

God is kind. And He is near. And He is able. And He is for YOU. Your life, your future, your fullest, best life—He’s preparing a place for you and championing you the whole way forward.

⭐️ God is always on time. There is never a season or situation in which He forgets and is late or didn’t realize the scene and arrives early. And truly only He knows what on time is—He is in control.

⭐️ You are not a victim to your emotions that continually change with the tides—you have the power of the Holy Spirit—this means you have the authority to feel and acknowledge your feelings but still respond in wisdom + grace.

⭐️ Grace abounds for you—always! Yesterday is gone. Today is ushered by lavished grace that will help you see, praise, respond, + live as He calls you to.

⭐️ Before God ever asks you to sit in a seat, He prepares you to be there. You may not feel up to the assignment but His power is made perfect in your weakness as you show up + go. Trusting this brings courage.

⭐️ Only you know what is healthy for you emotionally, mentally, physically, + spiritually. Others have their own boundaries but you and Jesus get to decide yours.

⭐️ Friendships centered on Jesus and focused on Kingdom advancement aren’t threatened by hardship; rather, they’re strengthened by it. Removing personal filters, trusting the heart of God, and considering others above yourself, lasting connection isn’t threatened.

⭐️ Who you are on the inside will always be of the greatest value. What others gather, assume, or think of you based on your exterior life is irrelevant; who are you when all is stripped away?

⭐️ Facing your fears and confronting what has been uncomfortable reinvigorates your soul in a unique way. Sometimes, the things you’ve been running from are actually God’s greatest blessings waiting for you to surrender.

⭐️ Whenever you need a break and a deep breath, you can take it. No matter where you are or what speed you’re going or what’s being asked of you, you always can take a minute.

⭐️ The hand of the Almighty God is on your life— today, tomorrow, + forevermore. PRAISE, TRUST, + REST.

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