God is on the clock. You don't have to worry.

on February 24, 2023

The goodness of God is ever-present, unchanging, and trustworthy to the core.
Will it run out? How can it be?

🤍 Today, you can set your worries down, even it feels heavy. Why? Because God is on the clock. He is working + His ways are greater.

🤍 Nobody prays for the waiting season but everyone prays for the transformation it brings. Lean in—God will continue to increase your patience. This is good ground.

🤍 Want to know the secret sauce? The winning formula to a fruitful life? Yielding your heart to the Father. In everything, ask, “Does this please You?” and you will go far.

🤍 Isn’t it comforting when you know you gave a friend wherever you are? Guess what? That’s always the case. The most dependable + kind friend—Jesus.

🤍 You don’t have to keep searching, wondering where you fit in or have value; when you became a child of God, belonging became your anthem. Fully accepted + free to be you.

🤍 When you’re upset, when you’re sad, when your dreams feel distant, when the news feels scary—whenever, wherever, His presence comforts + cares for your soul.

🤍 When you realize you’ve been misaligning your priorities or misassigning your time, you can change it up at any point. This shows that you hear + trust the Holy Spirit.

🤍 Maybe it’s a stronghold you’ve nursed for a while or an area of your life you didn’t realize was stale—God can redeem, restore, + revive you.

🤍 Whatever sacrifice that faithfulness asks of you is worth it; whether it’s picking something up or letting something go, it is for your ultimate good.

🤍 The joyful life- the one founded in obedience, lined with grace, + paved with expectation is yours to walk in—claim it! ☀️

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