God is up to something.

on March 21, 2023

What if your mood wasn’t based on the situation you find yourself in?
What if your countenance wasn’t based on the shifting posture of those around you?
What if your attitude didn’t alter when others didn’t offer the same humility, excellence, or devotion that you do?
What if your perspective wasn’t planted in the deliverance of the promise but the presence of the promise-Keeper?
What if your willingness wasn’t based on whether you will be noticed, appreciated, or recognized?
What if your choices weren’t evaluated on the basis of what benefits you and were made in light of what benefits the Kingdom?
What if your connection with God determined everything about your connection with others, instead of the reverse?
What if your perspective was filtered through the lens of the Word instead of the doesn’t picture of the world?
What if your hope wasn’t based on the view that you see but the promise He’s given you?
What if your joy was anchored so deeply in the presence of the One who never leaves instead of the circumstances that always change?

Maybe the life you are craving, the answer you are seeking, + the joy you yearn to experience is simply found by choosing joy here.
By standing in the place that you find yourself + anchoring up to what you know is true HERE, not where you wish you were.
Maybe the joy-filled person you long to be is a result of embracing the peace He has stamped over your past, present, + future.
Because if peace fills your soul, joy becomes the response!

In the season you want to be over,
In the relationship you yearn to be different,
In the heartbreak you just want to disappear,
In the midst of the intense emotions + just hard days,
You can still be a joy-filled person there.
In fact, it is there, when the world considers it a loss, when the struggle has exceeded the expected time limit, or when the forecast doesn’t seem to be in your favor that your joy becomes one of the strongest examples of hope.
Because you know—because you know your Heavenly Father—that He is up to something.
And that something? It is ALWAYS good.
Living with the posture that God is working + that He is faithful will never put you to shame.

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