God makes highways from oceans.

on August 11, 2023

How is it that the Maker of Heaven + earth would claim us + choose us again and again and again?
His goodness + mercy know no bounds.
Praising Him for these truths:

🌟 God can create anything from nothing. He can take the deepest, widest ocean of grief, heartbreak, + sorrow and establish highways of hope, strength, + joy.

🌟 No matter how much you want someone to have a revelation of how they should act or the gratitude they should feel, you can’t control their attitude. The sooner you release the responsibility of being their Holy Spirit, the quicker you can act in the fruitfulness of your own.

🌟 The Word of God is always the most relevant instruction and the most helpful encouragement you can find. You will never come up against a situation that rests outside its dominion + divine power.

🌟 There will be circumstances and struggles where joy feels distant + impossible—but Jesus. If His presence is here—and it never leaves—then joy is in fact, possible. Cling to Him and you will find it.

🌟 Vulnerability is the action of showing up and truly walking in the courage + trust you claim to have in Christ. When you believe His grace is sufficient, no weakness feels too big or heavy to share.

🌟 God knows what is trying to make your heart hard. He sees your frustration and inner turmoil and He can help you. The hardness of your heart will never exceed the softness of His hand.

🌟 You are fully known—no secrets, nothing hidden—by the God who made you. And with that? You are completely and totally loved. It’s freeing + so comforting when you accept that.

🌟 When fear rises, so does the opportunity to trust. When you feel afraid, lean in and remember that it is precisely here where you get to decide who you’re following.

🌟 It’s not always possible to change your circumstances—what if you stopped praying them away and started asking the Holy Spirit for fresh perspective instead?

🌟 God’s grip on your life is the most trustworthy thing about you. Nestled into His wing + held firmly by grace—rest in this.

When our hearts focus on the good, we realize there’s too much to express 🙌🏻

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