God planned your destiny knowing your history.

on February 03, 2023

Guess what?!?
This is true for you.
You know how I know? Because I know your God.
I don’t have to know the details of your circumstances or the decisions you’re facing for this to still be true for you.
It’s true for all of us who say, “God, my life? It’s yours. I’m not good at taking the lead.”
And His goodness ABOUNDS!

🌟 You don’t get to disqualify yourself from a bright future because of the history you have when the One who is planning your steps is aware of it! What a relief. He uses the past so we get to rest in the present.

🌟 The flowers + fruit are what’s visible, exciting, and impressive. However, they can also be a distraction if you obsess over the result more than you anchor yourself in the redeemer.

🌟 He is on the boat. Remember with the disciples? The waves were present but so was the Waymaker. Storms are His specialty.

🌟 Your prayers are heard + valued. The King is never too busy to bend down to listen to the fears, hopes, or cries of His child.

🌟 Your peace? Totally independent of the person beside you. Even in your own home. Don’t place it in someone’s hand when it belongs in Jesus’.

🌟 You think you want the instant success or arrival but you don’t. The sweat, tears, + prayers are what make it sweet. Keep going and call it progress.

🌟 You aren’t “barely getting by.” The Holy Spirit lives inside of you, infusing you with endless joy + strength. Talk to Him. What do you need?

🌟 Today’s assignments? All the tools you need are already in your bag. You’re qualified. You’re equipped. When you show up, God shows off.

🌟 Another’s success for the Kingdom means you also win! If the purpose is lighting the world on fire, doesn’t every flame help?

🌟 Dry seasons try to convince you that your passion + purpose has been compromised too, but God has other plans. You haven’t lost your spark or what makes you special; dig deep! He will help you get excited again.

What do you struggle with believing? Write it down. Go to the Word. Ask God to help you walk in truth despite what you feel.

This day? It’s a SETUP for His faithfulness. You ready?

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