God's provision isn't earned; just unmerited favor.

on March 24, 2023

Goodness abounds because grace is ever-present…covering your way, embracing your flaws, sustaining your soul, and leading your steps.

🌟 The provision of the King isn’t earned; therefore, it can’t be lost. He will provide your needs because that’s who He is.

🌟 Need newfound strength for this day or this season? Open His Word + sit with it. Marinating on truth is always a catalyst for revival.

🌟 In the dreams you’re hesitant to pursue, the task you’ve been given, or the role you’ve been assigned, you don’t have to fear failure. He covers the gaps + learning is success.

🌟 The enemy doesn’t get a say in what you think about, how you give, or what you release today or next week. Don’t give him power that doesn’t belong to him.

🌟 Lasting, real growth is worth the sweat, frustration, and perseverance it requires. Time is necessary + will pass as it must—let it.

🌟 When your language becomes praise and your posture is one of thankfulness, life changes. As you let Jesus determine your perspective, transformation happens.

🌟 Assuming the best is not a lack of maturity; it allows you to operate with hope + compassion, especially when circumstances aren’t ideal.

🌟 You have no control of how others handle their spiritual, mental, emotional, or physical health. You can pray for their healing but release the desire + wrongful assumption that it’s yours to carry.

🌟 At any point on today’s journey, you can reset. You can renew your mind, circle back on conversations, and redirect your focus. This is proof you’re plugged into the spirit.

🌟 Joy is not found in a secret recipe you must cultivate—it’s simply Jesus in YOU! Cling to Him + your endurance, excitement, + eagerness to live will be present.

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