He breathed new life into you today. Fresh start.

on June 09, 2023

It’s everywhere—hidden in the things you least expected + illuminating from every space that God is working—GOODNESS. Pure, trustworthy, Heavenly goodness.

🌟 Even if it looks the same, it’s not—His breath brings revival in the most mundane of seasons + spaces. Receive His refreshment + begin fresh today.

🌟 When you know what’s most important, you know how to allocate your time, energy, + resources. Order brings clarity.

🌟 Jesus is here for ALLLL of it! He’s heavily invested in your feelings + your worries, continually helping you see truth, practice grace, + trust His plan.

🌟 It is not foolish to believe for healing, even in the most hopeless of places. Scripture tells us that even touching the hem of His garment brought healing…desperation brings urgency for belief—that’s a good thing.

🌟 Want a garden of good fruit? Abide in Jesus. It is that simple and that hard, because it’s so simple. He will rip up old roots, rejuvenate bad soil, and restore health.

🌟 You just get to obey today—that’s it! The outcome? The ramifications? Other peoples opinions? Your next step? All that is your Father’s. He honors righteousness.

🌟 God is always moving + making things happen on your behalf. It is His nature + His delight. Through unexpected methods + ways, His blessings are coming.

🌟 Your family gets to be an example of what it looks like to keep Jesus at the center, despite the temptation to conform. Your firm foundation impacts more than you know.

🌟 Maybe you were fickle last year or last week—you don’t have to remain that way. You’re capable of persevering through + sticking with it because you have the Holy Spirit.

🌟 The armor of God is your everyday wear—it includes the sandals of peace. EVERYWHERE YOU GO, you take it WITH you. Hold to that.

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