He chose YOU.

on February 22, 2024

It feels like maybe He didn’t know it was going to be such a hangup, right? Or that maybe He wasn’t aware how frequently the voice of insecurity would try to interrupt—because surely then, He would’ve chosen someone else, right? That seems more effective. More responsible. More productive.
Or maybe, based on your ability to survey those around you + make conclusions on their capacity, you feel like you’re just not cut out for it like they are. Someone else could steward and shape and sort this out better than you can…so why you?
Did God make a mistake on picking you for the job?
Did He miss part of your makeup + leave you short or lacking?
Is He unsure about His devotion for you based on your performance?

You see, His assignment for you is not based on your competence; rather, it’s centered on your reliance. It’s not founded in your impressive resume, but planted in your humble surrender. This is not to say that your abilities + output are irrelevant; however, it is to say that part of the assignment is the trust of the preparation for it. That’s really most of it, I think. The assignment is crucial but the endurance, preparation, + warfare it takes to become the person to handle + steward it is everything. The trust that is forged so that you can keep going + see that God never fails to His part—that’s where a life of faith is actually built.

Could God use someone else who has it more together? Sure. But that’s relative anyway.
Could God send someone who already has the necessary quality or ability as their strength? Of course.
But He chose YOU. He chose me. He chose us because it is only when you’re experiencing Him sustain you amidst the hard moments, the hiccups, and the heartache that you realize He always wanted the raw, real version of you. That version invites His strength amidst weakness, borrows His faith amidst fear, + depends on His joy while walking through darkness.

If you’re struggling with believing you can do it or feeling ill-equipped, shift to asking: “Can He be what I can’t?”
Yes—that’s the point. Interlaced in intimacy knowing His supply can cover every shortcoming 🤍 The work is holy but the relationship developed is WHY He came.

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