He is sovereign in every season.

on August 31, 2023

In several conversations I’ve had with friends this week, this has been the common sentiment: “I just feel off.”
This holds a million meanings.
“I just don’t feel like myself.”
“I don’t see the purpose in the place I’m in.”
“I’m confused by my circumstances—where is God?”
“I thought this season would have moved on by now.”
“My motivation is shot.”
“I feel like everyone else is excited about where they’re going and I just want a….break from it all.”
“I’m not sure I know how to hear God here.”
Sound familiar? It’s interesting how a fleeting thought can become the filter in which we begin to view our entire lives.
This is very much like the enemy—to make us doubt the entire process by muddying up the color palette a little bit.
We were inspired! Passionate! Committed! Devoted! Excited!
Until we weren’t.

And sometimes the blah isn’t even a huge thing—it’s just that—a dreary filter on each morning as you wake up and you’re ready to snap out of it.

But it is precisely HERE—where you discover that when things feel stagnant, that your God is still moving. The adrenaline high no longer carrying you because the voice of doubt has taken over. Or maybe you are surveying your life and ALL it’s blessings and you feel internally frustrated that you’re clamoring for more.

“GOD! Show me where You are!”

And little by little, you learn that His presence is what’s lifting you up. It’s carrying you because your flesh is tired. It’s mercifully letting you drop some balls so that you can carry what matters. It’s ridding you of false motivation and getting you back to your true why. It’s offering you the opportunity to walk in true faith that keeps going when it feels OFF—because it knows that God is still on it.
And being God.

Feeling “off” is a blessing in disguise. Lean into it—you’ll experience the everlasting faithfulness of God. You’ll be reminded that you could never be forsaken by a Father who sacrificed everything to give you life.

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