Hey Jesus, thank You for the gift of another Monday.

on March 20, 2023

Another Monday, another M I R A C L E 💫
Another new start where we get to enter into every interaction with humility, every conversation with compassion, every challenge with perseverance, and every circumstance with hope.
Another week offered to us through the unwavering grace of the One who saved us, desires to use us, and will provide for us every step of the way—how can it be so?! And yet—it is.
It’s the surest thing that we know!

Jesus, thank You.
Your kindness is felt in a million ways just this morning—Your faithfulness is felt in the tangible warmth of the sun that rose once again and the blanketed day that is before us—we are here because You made it so.
Thank You for opening our eyes and helping us be alert to the blessings around us; You haven’t missed a single detail of placement, provision, positioning, and purpose. Your power is seen in it all.

Will You show us how to be leaders both in and outside our homes? Ones who are full of anticipation, built by resilience, and strengthened by Heaven’s hope.
We want to be the same people inside our four walls that we are on the outside. May integrity mark us, gentleness guide us, and peace be within us.
You help us choose our words and our reactions—what a blessing. We get to edify, encourage, and embody Your loving voice through everything that we do.

This week, will You empower us to choose the narrow way, no matter how uncomfortable or uncertain it may feel?
When the pressures that surround us feel loud or the voices that we hear compete with the Word that You have given us, redirect our gaze to You.
You are our confidence.
You are our standard.
You are our lens in which we see the world and know what is good, true, and holy.

Thank You for filling us with deep JOY.
Thank You for giving us a sound mind that marinated on what is pure, silences the chatter around it, and rests in the unchanging love of God.

This week is an undeserved blessing.
This week is a well of possibility.
This week is a vessel of Heaven coming to earth and You will help us do our part—yes! So grateful.

Peace…power…purpose…all because the person of the Holy Spirit resides in us.
Let’s go 🤍

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