I know You have good plans for me

on March 18, 2024

Another Monday, another M I R A C L E 🌟
Another chance to enter into situations and circumstances with the awareness, belief, and faith that God is who He says He is! What is visible to the human eye is a mere fraction of the work He is doing, the miracles He is working, and the power that He has—this is the truth that we get to walk with! Hold onto. Cling to. Run with great joy because we know it is true!
Another fresh slate…the old has gone, the new has come, and HOPE is alive! We don’t take it for granted.

Jesus, thank You.
We realize that Your grace knows no bounds and are lives are a continual journey of being a recipient of it—how? Why? Does it end? No—it goes from everlasting to everlasting—we are so grateful.
Will You help us enter into our lives without fear of scarcity?
Show us how to release the tension in our shoulders so that we can walk lightly + freely with You; we want to be people who show the world that being yoked with You is the most joyous option our hearts could ever hold.
Strip us of the pressure to “figure it all out” or connect dots that only You can connect! Lead us to worship so that we are reminded of Your heart, assured of Your promises, and know safety in Your grasp.
Our week looks different when it’s seen through Your eyes!
Our week loses the fear and the dread and the stress and the uncertainty…not because our circumstances change but because we trust YOU will figure it out.
Lead us in embracing each step, constantly reminding ourselves that this life is a marathon, not a sprint.

You are aware of the everyday, practical things we must tend to; You are a God of reality—You don’t expect us to not deal with these things, You equip us for them! You give us discernment, increase our patience, expand our bandwidth, catalyze our courage, stimulate our creativity, develop our perseverance, + grow our faith.
You’re in THIS place!
And so? We are expectant. EXCITED! So grateful.
You are in control, You are holding us, and You are the well that doesn’t run dry.

A new week—let’s go 🤍

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